2018 Client: Adult female 

I came to see Sarah in September 2018, as I needed help to deal with the thoughts and feelings I was struggling with, having left my Husband of 41 years due to the effects of domestic abuse. I was suffering from anxiety and physical pains and was in a very distressed and depressed state.

Sarah helped immediately by giving me a ‘first aid’ toolkit to help me manage the overwhelming physical and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts. She then helped me work through the confusion and feelings of guilt and to understand that my Husband’s behaviour was not my fault. 

Sarah is patient and caring and I trust her completely. So when she suggested using EMDR to help my brain process my experiences I agreed without hesitation. These sessions proved to be a turning point for me, especially in dealing with feelings of guilt. I would highly recommend it. You have nothing to fear as Sarah will help you through it safely and securely.  Sarah has given me the tools I need for the future and people have been saying how I look as if I’ve had a weight lifted off and that’s exactly how I feel. I am now enjoying my life, have a hobby that I love and am seeing friends and family whenever I choose to. Sarah is an amazing psychologist and I would encourage you to get the help you need which this incredible lady will provide..”


2018 Client: Adult male experiencing difficulties with anxiety

“After one of the most difficult periods of my life, and thinking that I would never feel good about life or myself again, I was fortunate to be put in touch with Sarah.
She always listened to my troubles with compassion and without judgement.
She made me see the best in myself and encouraged me to think about life in a much better light.
The strategies Sarah gave me are ones I continue to use in my day to day life and have helped me succeed in a new job.
I am loving life more now than I have for a long time.
I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone who is having difficulties in their life.”


2016 Client: Adult male experiencing difficulties with anxiety, particularly in relation to his work context.

"As a man it can be really difficult to ask for help. However, after the first appointment, coming along to see 'my psychologist' wasn't difficult. I felt safe and able to share my thoughts, worries and hopes without fear of judgement. The tools I learned have continued to help me in work and my personal life and have given me the confidence to help grow my own business." 


2016 Client: Adult female experiencing difficulties linked to a traumatic bereavement. 

" 'My psychologist' was invaluable in helping me through a very difficult time in my life. Her warmth and caring nature made me feel at ease during our sessions, which was so important to me."


2016 Client: Adult female, difficulties with anxiety, low mood, suicidal thoughts and symptoms of a post traumatic stress response.  

"Since working with Sarah, I have a choice and can do things differently. She provided a safe space where I could talk freely without judgement. Sarah taught me techniques to manage my particular issues. Sarah has given me the perspective and insight to identify and manage my triggers effectively."


2016 Client: 13 year old girl experiencing anxiety.  

"I visited Sarah for a few sessions to help me with my anxiety about leaving my mum to go anywhere. I feel Sarah really explained stuff to me in a way that i could understand and thanks to her i managed to go on holiday with my friend without having a complete meltdown. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."