In accordance with FRAME and with the Scottish Risk Management Authority’s standards for conducting psychological risk assessments, we provide high quality assessments that are evidence based.  Our assessments offer an explanation of offending behaviour, provide an opinion of risk and recommend intervention and management strategies.  We have experience of assessing the risk of sexual offending, violent offending, intimate partner violence, fire-setting and stalking. We have provided assessments for Court sentencing purposes, defence reports, reports for prison management and progression purposes, the Children’s Hearing System, Disclosure Scotland, the Parole Board and Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements.

Cognitive Assessment: These include assessments of individual functioning such as cognitive abilities, including memory.  This will help in identifying specific strengths and weaknesses. These assessments may help determine the individual’s understanding of processes and procedures that they are being subjected to.  We will also make recommendations if adjustments are required to allow the individual to participate in standard processes and / or will offer ways in which to work with the individual in a manner that will help them to succeed. 

Personality Assessment: Understanding personality can be a helpful component in managing individuals and for understanding how they interact with others.  We undertake personality assessments and explain how specific traits have helped or hindered their relationships with others and how these traits link to concerning behaviours.  We make recommendations on how to work with them in a professional capacity.
Parenting Assessment: We provide assessments of the caregiver’s capacity to adequately parent a child and assess the risk of child maltreatment.  We determine the risk of future abuse and the likelihood of successful rehabilitation and ability to learn skills to prevent harm to children.  Our reports focus on the strengths and weaknesses in relation to parenting and take into account the impact of wider factors on parenting and the child’s development.